June 8, 2017

Their hand


Ahhh … promotion.

When it happens to you, it’s a little bit exciting and a little bit scary. Half of you is gagging for it, happy with the recognition, the other half nervous, worried about looking like a fool.

And if it’s you’re first management position – of people and not just things – all the more worrying. Will you be accepted, can you assert your new position, where will you find the time to manage as well as do the actual work.

But somehow, you step up and into the shoes, and work it out.

The reality: not as exciting, not as scary, and a slower learning curve than you’d like.

Ahhh … promotion.

When you’re giving it to someone else – one of the best parts of management – still a little bit exciting and just as scary. Are they up to the task?

The difference this time: you can help.

Skippy strategy: Hold their hand.