January 13, 2020

Their light


Not everyone is a good fit. Not everyone who was a good fit yesterday is a good fit today. Not everyone who’s been around for a long time will be around a long time from now.

Everyone will leave one day.

For some, it’ll be their idea – they’ll have found another challenge or a new place to go, or a bigger pond, or a smaller one, or another country or a total change of direction and will be off to coach trampoline … and good for them. No regrets.

For others, it’ll be yours. Maybe they never hit the mark, maybe the didn’t evolve with the requirement, maybe they did evolve but in another direction and will find their light through another arch.

In either direction – when it’s time to move on, move on – take action, no regrets.

Skippy strategy: When the answer is clear, it’s time to act.