January 8, 2019

Their own way


Too many meetings are a mess. 

One of the problems: bunches of people working their own way. 

The action-oriented always trying to jump to end points and solutions, the systems thinkers are still looking for cause and effects and how all the pieces link (or don’t), the risk averse are looking at the down sides, knit pickers are worrying every detail before it even makes it to the whiteboard and the muddle through-ers are off in a corner getting on with things on their own.

The difference between this and what you really want … a clear and shared idea of what you really want. What kind of a meeting is it, who needs to be there, who doesn’t, what’s the objective for this specific meeting, is it big picture or small, who needs to prepare and what must they do.

Skippy strategy: Meetings are more than people, coffee and whiteboards.