February 5, 2018

Their way


The second biggest reason people don’t do the job you want them to do … they don’t agree that they should be doing that job, or in that way.

That job – they think they should have a different actual job, with a different job title and responsibilities, and they’re kinda-sorta busy half doing that and not doing the things you want them to do.

That way – they don’t agree with the way you want them to do their job, and they’re actively doing different things. So they’re doing the job they believe you want, but not in the way that you want.

Your responsibility: forget your I’m-always-right ego, and think clearly … is there another job they should be doing or is their way of doing the job better?

When you’re sure … get them to follow the old/new plan, or find someone who will.

Skippy strategy: Clarify the plan.