June 8, 2016

There are signs


There are times when you’re just not sure what’s going on.

It’s just a feeling, but there’s something that’s just not right with someone on the team. Maybe they’re not pulling their weight, or they’re not quite present even when they’re here, or you don’t think they’re telling you the whole story or everything you need to know, or the fire’s gone out of their eye.

Best case … a temporary blip, a gentle nudge, they get back on their game.

Middle case … their heart’s no longer in it.

Worst case … they’re playing you.

What to do?

Find out.


Complicated answer: Conjecture. Hypothesis. Imagination.

Simple answer: Ask them. What’s going on? You were like that … now you’re like this, what’s changed?

And deal with what comes out.

Skippy strategy: When you need to know what’s going on, take route one.