May 13, 2021

They tell you


It’s a reasonable assumption that everyone on your team wants to do good work. It’s at least a half-reasonable assumption that they know the conditions they need to do good work. Some will want security, an interest in the work itself, a great team around them, clear direction, enough autonomy to get on with things, a belief in the mission and their contribution towards it, and to be recognised non financially (and financially) when they do, indeed, do good work.

If you ask them, it’s reasonable to expect that they can also tell you what’s in the way – generally, specifically, structurally, personally – of them doing good work. Blowing past the occasional interpersonal, erm, question, it’s entirely likely that when they tell you this stuff, they’re pretty much on the money.

Your job is to listen, enhance the conditions, remove the blockers.

Skippy strategy: Enhance the good-creating conditions, remove the blockers.