May 19, 2020

They’ve drifted


Maybe it’s you, maybe it’s them, the point is … they’ve drifted … and they’re drifting. Once, a valued member of the team full of motivation and promise. Now, a peripheral figure more likely to underwhelm than knock it over the fences. You know they have it in them, they know they have it in themselves. The question now is what are you going to do about it?

You could leave them to meander around until the find their own answer. You could push them towards the door. You could take on the challenge and make it your job to help them help themselves.

Or, you could have one of those supportive, figurative arm-around-the-shoulder conversations. Where you sound like you care about them as a human, and you actually do.

Less, What’s going on?! More, What happened?, and, How can we get it going on again?

Skippy strategy: Care, and actually mean it.