February 17, 2020

Things are simple


In a complex world running complicated projects full of connections and interdependencies, there are plenty of things to go wrong and places for it to happen. And when it does, the temptation is to bury yourself deep in the complexity, to reassess and reinvent and rework the tools, to dig your fingers in the spaghetti and unravel the way things are.

It’s a plan, and you’re bound to learn something, and there’s nothing inherently wrong it that. But it’s not the place to start.

Sitting on the sidelines, with a bigger picture, your starting thought should be … most things are simple.

The job is to find the simple through-line that connects things together, and bring everyone back to that. Challenge them to work out the simplest, user friendly way of setting things up. Make them reduce the complexity.

Skippy strategy: As simple as things can be (and no more).