November 13, 2018

Things to ask new starters #2

Door 2

At that lunch, in the safe place, and assuming you’ve already established an authentic level of trust:

2. What can we learn from where you’ve worked/studied/travelled/lived before?

It has to be clear that you’re not after commercial secrets or anything remotely sensitive, this isn’t a fishing exercise. And it’s critical that whatever you hear, you don’t respond in a negative way – getting defensive or shutting things down with “we tried that” or “it wouldn’t work here”. 

It’s an honest and confident enquiry … that happens to have two big benefits:

– It’s the clearest sign that you walk to talk on a learning organisation and they’ll understand ideas are more important than who or where they come from.

– You actually get to learn some neat stuff about how the world works outside your own little bubble.

Skippy strategy: Learn how the world works outside of your bubble.