January 20, 2021

This corner


How about giving a corner of responsibility to everyone on your team? Not the same corner, obviously, but something that’s entirely theirs to own, to push forward, to deliver, to drive the value, to nurture and improve. Start small if you have to. Until they show you they can handle it, that they can deliver.

This corner, here, what can you do with it?

You are responsible for … keeping the car park clean, for the financial management of the organisation, for choosing the project management software, for organising the launch event, for the next great feature, for bringing us all up to speed on developing technologies that might change our industry, for the segue on the next Zoom call, for building confidence and execution in your team.

And before you now it, you’ll be responsible for a great team.

Skippy strategy: Give responsibility, for something, to everyone.