May 4, 2016

This information


There are things you don’t know. Important things. Things that affect how you, your team, and your organisation  go about your business.

Somebody else knows. Somebody who works with you has information you need. That would let you do your job better, might even be the difference between a yes and a no.

You too have information you haven’t passed on.

What’s in the way of sharing?

Two kinds of assumption.

– If I know, everyone else probably knows already. If I told them, I’d be wasting their time. They might think I’m an idiot for not knowing before. (You’re wrong.)

– I’m the only one who can use this information. It’s specialist knowledge that only I can use in my domain. Nobody else needs to know. (You’re wrong.)

Information is life blood. Don’t waste a drop with assumptions.

Skippy strategy: Don’t think, that’s interesting. Think, who could use this information.