September 12, 2017

This is where


That big project we’re working on – the one with all the moving parts and customers to satisfy and a deadline that’s going nowhere … this is where we are.

We’ve done X and Y but have problems with Z which we’re dealing with using A and B and a little bit of C to oil the wheels. The biggest problem we’re looking at right now is the roadblock we found at P so we’ve put together a special team to come up with an alternative route that still gets us to Q in time.

Knowing where we are – even if it’s behind the curve – is comforting. It’s a project … we know exactly where we are and what we’re doing about it.

It took two minutes and everyone got back in the loop.

So the question you always need to ask … where are we?

Skippy strategy: That thing you’re working on, where are we?