September 12, 2021

Those comms


There was a time when the comms were easy. You had a little conversation in your head, and you were done. Now, with project mangers and operations teams and procurement and finance and development and management and every other job description that’s needed to do the things your team now does, there’s more of an overhead. Sometimes, most times, almost every time, without lots of effort and training, the finger bone has no idea what’s needed by the foot bone or even that the wrist bone is trying to help. It’s all connected, but not in any way that’s coordinated, or even coherent.

The answer? Those comms. A lot more effort, a lot more planning, a lot more talking, a lot more of standing around a whiteboard and working things out together and then a lot more telling everyone.

Skippy strategy: Gather and talk, plan, do it again, and again.