November 1, 2018

Those conversations


It’s not all blue skies, and every manager, sometime, has to have one of those conversations.

Where you have to call out one team member’s behaviour toward another. Maybe it’s lack of respect, maybe it’s lack of confidence or feeling cornered or undermined or under valued. Either way, when one person behaves inappropriately to another team member, it’s down to you to bring the world back into equilibrium.

We all know, going into the process, that it can only go one of two ways. Either they sort them selves out, or they get sorted out of the organisation.

Assuming for now that they’re a valued team member, it makes sense to remove confrontation from the equation situation. Talk with them on the assumption that they want to get through the woods as much as you want them to.

And have the conversation today.

Skippy strategy: Have the conversation, with respect, today.