January 21, 2021

Time and troubles


It’s a relationship. It takes time to build. It’s undoubtedly troubled by misunderstandings, assumptions out of whack, ambiguous expectations, and the tacks and jibes that make working with other humans the most fun and frustrating part of existing in any kind of organisation.

The slow way to build that relationship is to let time and troubles take their course. Troubles will come, you’ll work through them, and over time you’ll work out the signs, you’ll understand the strengths and weaknesses, you learn how to get what you need and develop a way of smoothing over the cracks on both sides of the line. Could take months, could take years.

The faster way, is to use the troubles but accelerate time. Be more direct, ask questions, mine for clarity, set and monitor and review expectations.

Skippy strategy: Tell each other … this is how you’ll get the best out of me.