February 22, 2019

To rely on


If you’ve been doing what you’ve been doing for more than five minutes it’s likely there are people and partners that you’ve come to rely on.

If you’re thinking about something new, you’re probably thinking about the people and partners you’ll need to rely on. 

Either way … who are they?

Who are the people and teams most important to your plans? I mean specifically, that you can name on the whiteboard. And of those, what do you need from them and are you getting it? Again, specifically, list out what it is about each partner that you need, that they’re executing on, and maybe where they’re not. Where are the strengths and weaknesses in the mix? If things are great, how will you let them know? If they’re not, how could you take the initiative to improve things?

Skippy strategy: It starts with knowing who you rely on, and who you can’t.