April 16, 2019

Too much for too long


In the moment, being overwhelmed with work can actually be exhilarating. A motivator that makes you more determined, more decisive and more productive than normal. Not only is it a reality we live with, it’s actually OK every once in a while, if there’s rhythm.

Without rhythm, too much for too long means something important will slip. That something might be quality, quantity, cash, time, or life being blurred by work. The problems mount up when too much is normal, and and one or many of those somethings slip around on more days than they don’t.

It’s a choice. Yours. And you can ring that bell if you want to.

Make that choice too often for your team though, and the result will be degraded work, waning motivation, and reconnaissance trips to find normality, out there, somewhere else.

Skippy strategy: Choose too much when you have to … but you don’t always have to.