January 9, 2018

Too tight


With all your responsibility and influence you have fingers in lots of pies. Everything passes over your desk as you’re necessarily kept in the loop so you can add the magic that got you into your chair. You’re humming with knowledge and news and connections and timings and relationships.

And, in every position, that’s how is should be.

But take it too far … so you’re the lynchpin everything revolves around, the keystone that holds everything up … and everything falls apart.

– Whilst everything is revolving, they’re just spinning in place until you hook thing up. Which can’t happen if you’re busy with something else … so they just spin.

– Keystones hold things up, but they’re squeezed and fixed in place. So if you’re busy holding things up, you’re probably holding progress up too.

Exert your influence, but not by being necessary for everything.

Skippy strategy: Too tight is too tight.