January 21, 2017

Tough talkin’


It’s never easy to have that talk. The difficult one, where you tell a long-standing member of staff that they’re not pulling their weight, not value for money, or not be up to the job.

So difficult in fact, that most of us put it off, and off, and off, and hope the problem goes away without your help. Like if they realise on their own and sort themselves out, or realise on their own and do the honourable thing, or realise on their own and ask for help and guidance. You know, they realise on their own and they take the first step.

But that’s rare.

So it’s your job.

So how do you do it?

Anybody who’s been with you long enough for the talking to the tough (five minutes?) deserves to be dealt with the way you’d like to be … with respect.

Skippy strategy: Be human.