August 24, 2017

Train each other


So you’ve hired the perfect candidate. Or you’ve taken on a diamond in the rough. Or you’ve got someone on staff who shows potential but isn’t quite hitting it. Or you’ve got someone on staff who’s disappointing you and nowhere near hitting it. Or … in other words … there are other people involved and your job is to get them to fulfil their roles at the best of their abilities.

First question: what is their role? Do they know, have you told them what you expect, how you’d like them to do things, what kind of feedback you want … or have you left them to work it out for themselves?

Last question: what is their best? Do you know, have you asked how you can help, what’s in their way, what kind of feedback they need … or have you left it to chance to find out?

Skippy strategy: Train each other.