March 22, 2019

Trusting them


Even the strongest team members have crises of confidence. They fail to be assertive, are less demanding than they should be, are less bold, and more prone to pulling back rather than pushing forward. It’s a constant in any team and in many managers. It’s not dependent on position, or authority, or the success of failure of the last piece of work or the last project review.

It’s there until it’s not.

Your job – whether in the middle of your own crisis or whether you’ve never had a moment of doubt – is to be supportive and encourage good people to assert their influence, to step boldly and to keep on trucking no matter what.

Most days, this means telling people when they’re doing a great job, and trusting them to work things out (and not jumping in as saviour).

Skippy strategy: Confidence grows with encouragement and nurturing.