September 1, 2017

Use your chops


Without doubt, you’ve got many talents. You’re the best in the team at this, and that, and quite a lot of the other things. That’s why you’re in your position; you’ve got the chops to get things done.

So … what to do?

All the things you CAN do? Only the things that ONLY you can do? Some place in the middle?

Standard Operating Procedure: Start with the things that are explicitly your responsibility – do that. Next on the list; ask what your people are struggling with, and work out what levers you can pull to help them out – bring additional attention and support to their party. If you still have time in your day, help out with those things that are suffering from lack of resources – fill in the gaps.

Absolutely not to do: Taking over (because you can), dabbling, meddling, getting in the way.

Skippy strategy: Use your chops wisely.