November 17, 2018

Walking around


You absolutely have to do the job you signed up for. No compromise. And if that means you’re wedded to a workstation for hours of every day, so be it.

And yet.

Walk around.

Get to know the people around you – the one’s who depend on your, and you depend on, and everyone else too. Find out about what they do and how they do it, how their efforts interact with yours, what they’re involved in beyond the obvious, who they know, who you know that you can introduce them to.

Encounter everyone, and encourage everyone to encounter you.

Get to know the people on your floor, other floors, in other departments, from other divisions. Meet them at the water cooler, before meetings, after meeting, on the way down in the elevator. Everyone, everywhere.

Let’s call it, management (building relationships) by walking around.

Skippy strategy: Get out from behind your desk.