March 13, 2020

Want to please


We all have many talents and a lot of us can turn those talents to a lot of things. Organisationally, that can lead to many jacks of many trades, where whoever is available takes on whatever is the next task. And at the beginning, it pretty much has to be that way. But over time, we specialise. We take on more things that are in our wheelhouse and fewer things that take us out of our zone. That’s a little bit bad for variety and a lot good for quality and building expertise.

The job then isn’t to keep everybody busy or happy, although that’s nice, it’s to use the talents available as effectively as possible. That means, don’t play favourites, don’t give tasks as political favours. It means, “Who’s the best person for the work?“, not, “Who do I want to please?”

Skippy strategy: The task determines the person.