January 28, 2018

Was it you?


Was it you?

The one who dropped the ball, who forgot to put the wheels in motion. Did you fail to communicate the right snippet of info into just the perfect ear, to make the decision, to takes the breaks off and get everyone up to speed. Was it you who started late, didn’t prioritise enough, and missed the deadline by yards and yards.

It happens.

And when it happens there are some awkward glances, red faces and apologies to make.

We sort it out. Smooth things over with the client. Everyone rallies around to blend away the issue. A few days later, most times, you wouldn’t know the difference. No harm no foul.

Except … there was harm.

For whatever reason they had to bail you out. You.

Extra work, reprioritisation, manoeuvring.

‘Fess up, take it on the chin, make your apologies and re-earn their respect.

Skippy strategy: Take responsibility.