September 18, 2019

Water wings


And then there were two of you, then four, then fourteen. Growing a team – whether it’s you who has just joined them or you who’s bringing new people to the group – is a game of gaps.

The gaps you’re trying to fill; we need someone to take these responsibilities and we’re missing that person. There may be gaps in knowledge, or skill, or capacity. It could be about ownership or territory or relationships. Wherever, the new person fills the void.

The common next step is to walk away: give them a job, a description, a salary – then, See ya! – and leave them get on with it.

Some will swim. Most will flounder.

How about some water wings? A regular check-in, a buddy system, clear objectives and open, explicit, introductions. A weathered eye. A roadmap. A support network.

Skippy strategy: When you hire them, they will be confused. Give clarity.