June 24, 2017

We turn away


It’s a rare beast that likes Appraisals with a capital A.

There’s an expectation of formality. It seems a law of nature that someone in the hierarchy wants a form filled in. There’s never a good time. Preparation is de-prioritised and rushed at the end. The meeting – weird. The output, bureaucracy

There must be a better way.

There is … the one you kinda use every day.

Appraisal is a two part affair – appraisal AND feedback.

The act of appraisal comes naturally. You do it a hundred times a day. Looking on, reviewing, judging. Upwards and downwards. Constant assessment of performance. It’s the management condition.

It’s the feedback we fluff.

Every time we don’t say what we think. Every time we fail to give praise. Every negative we let slide. Every gushing over-compliment. Every time we turn away.

Feedback: honest, direct, timely.

Skippy strategy: Appraisal AND feedback, every day.