Everyone has opinions.

Some don’t like coffee, or that type of coffee, or can’t live without it, or only drink tea. Good to know, really.

Then there’s the bigger stuff. Which way to pivot, whether to invest, what’s in Version 1.0, when to walk away…

Good people have strong opinions and they’re going to disagree. Good leaders encourage it.

Before the decision, get all the opinions on the table. Push them, poke them, light them up. Test them with data. Debate robustly. Concede. Advocate. Nudge your way to the clearest understanding possible.

If the data won the debate, no argument.

If it data didn’t win, it’s a judgment call and someone has to make it.

After the decision … get in behind and push to make it work.

Skippy strategy: Encourage idealogical debate of the issues. Prepare to be swayed. Make honest decisions.

First published June 18th 2015.