May 22, 2017

What did you hear?


When you give feedback, you pretty much expect that whoever’s hearing it is, one, paying attention and, two, going to do something about it. If you’ve been at this for a while, you also pretty much expect that, despite those expectations, you’ve got an even chance of being proved wrong – they were either pretending to pay attention, or they are unwilling or incapable of doing something about it.

To improve your batting average … the two things you can control in the moment are … the clarity of your message, and, checking for their attention.

On message – let’s assume for now that your message is direct and to the point.

On attention – when you’ve made your point, ask them … “what did you hear?”

Get them to replay back to you, not the words, but the message and its meaning.

Were you clear? Did they get it?

Skippy strategy: Check for clarity and meaning.