November 15, 2017

What fits where


I know you know.

You’re in complete command of the project and every part of it. You know what fits where, how this part is dependent on that part, what’s been affected with that delay last week. You know everything.

Problem is … nobody else does. They’re working from imperfect data and basing false conclusions on it – nothing like what they’d think if they understood what’s on your mind. And because all the detail is still locked up there, in your head, they have no choice but to continue working under assumptions that only you know are not true. They keep making promises that have no way of being fulfilled.

In reality, they’re stumbling around in the dark.

And that dark radiates from you.

So it’s a choice, shine a light and bring everyone along together, or keep them in the dark.

Skippy strategy: Shine the light.