August 5, 2018

What it is #1


The appraisal process should be simple.

Start with … this is what I like about the way you do your work. This isn’t to puff someone up or soften them for the blows to follow. It’s to give them the same kind of positive feedback we all need if we’re to strengthen what works; we have to know what works.

Move on to  … this is what I don’t like about the way you do your work. Without emotion, be specific, and have examples ready. Get over the discomfort and lean in to the ways the negative behaviours can be turned around. It’s the other side of the feedback coin, the one we have to see if we’re to deal with what isn’t working; we have to know what it is.

Be direct, using simple language.

Skippy strategy: Don’t leave the room until both of you know what is being said.