April 13, 2020

What might be


What might be the most important thing in the world/project to you, may not be to them.

What might be clear and obvious to you, may not be to them.

What might be received wisdom to you, may not be to those other people who seem to be acting outside the bounds of that wisdom.

What might be an insignificant detail to you, might just be the difference between a slap on your back and a turn of their back.

What might feel, to you, like doing the right thing, might feel, to them, absolutely and explicitly wrong.

What it feels to walk around in your shoes, isn’t how it is to walk around in theirs. Every time you forget that, every time you assume something about who they are, or aren’t, you just stomped your size nine’s all over there flowerbed.

Skippy strategy: It’s not about you, it’s about them.