December 14, 2020

What the time means

At some point, for every group that has any kind of meeting, somebody will get frustrated with another body. The frustration: they’re never on time. It starts with waiting – and who likes that? When everyone gets fed up waiting, and starts anyway, frustration returns when you have to repeat everything for late arrivals or risk making bad decisions on compromised input.

Which means … every team member has to work out whether they’re committed to the team (which, of course, they are) and every team has to work out what it means to be on time.

The options: whenever we all get there, on the strike of the clock, five minutes early no matter what.

The smart money, the received wisdom, demonstrated by the most productive teams … five minutes early. Get the chit chat out the way, make the coffee, Go.

Skippy strategy: Agree the time, and what the time means.