January 23, 2017

What you get


You can train your team in efficient and effective practices time. You can make the systems foolproof. You can build in failsafes and cross-checks and back-up redundancies.

And despite it all … stuff goes wrong. Logistics lets you down, suppliers get thing wrong, you make a bad call or two, the foolproof system ain’t so foolproof after all. So you learn the lessons, rework the systems, engineer out another ounce of doubt.

Through it all, what you get in spite of all the training and engineering and forward thinking … the people you hired in the first place.

Hire nice people, with service and performance in their hearts – whether things go right or wrong, you know they’ll react they way you’d like. Hire below the standard, you don’t know what to expect.

Regardless of training, what you get, what you always get, is the people you hire.

Skippy strategy: Hire nice people.