Not everybody speaks your language. The question is, what do you do about it? You could speak louder or faster or with even more complicated words, or your could slow down, use gestures, check for understanding, reduce the jargon, smile more. See which works for you.

You have a role specific lexicon, you use jargon, there are short-cuts in the way you speak based on the experience you’ve gathers, and you kinda-sorta expect everyone else to know what you’re talking about. See how that works for you.

Wherever you are, a different country or an adjacent meeting room, check for understanding. Look for more than nods and smiles, ask the kind of questions that will prove that they’re with you or where you lost them. It’s your job to bring them along and to work out when you haven’t.

Skippy strategy: Slow down, use less jargon, check for understanding.