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What’s the job and who get’s to choose?

If you leave it to them, some people will take advantage. Their internal dialog (played out over many months as they work out the lack of boundaries) goes something like, “Oh! I get to make my own rules. Nice! All-righty then, I’ll take the easy and the interesting, the challenges I like, fun stuff, anything with glory attached and, let’s add a grand sounding title. I’ll remove risk, accountability, the stuff I don’t like, early mornings, travel, dealing with difficult people, and any kind of … you know … actual work.”

It doesn’t start out that way, but over time, it often gets there.

Assuming that would be bad, how to stop it?

Worst case, you tell them. Best case, work it out between you.

Either way, you’re involved. It’s not bureaucracy, it’s management.

Every role should be coherent with the others. Anything else means overlap and gaping chasms.

Skippy Strategy: If the lines are blurred, walk up to the whiteboard and make them clear.