September 12, 2015



All of us have little language hot buttons.

Mispronunciations, bad grammar, poor syntax, misplaced apostrophe’s (ho ho). Their they’re there email comes to your you’re inbox. You know what they mean and life goes on with just a little sigh inside.

In the scheme of things, no big deal. We don’t make a fuss.

But some language buttons are hotter than others – because they’re personal.

Get a name wrong once … ok, everyone makes mistakes.

Get it wrong every time. Habitually use an un-liked nick-name or diminutive. Mispronounce. Use mate or pal or bro’ or babe or buddy. That’s not a mistake, that’s lazy at best, uncaring at worst, and undermines respect one tiny chip at a time.

Using the right name is a hygiene factor; no thanks for getting it right, but bad things fester if you forget the basics.

Skippy Strategy: If you’re not sure, ask. Remember the answer.