January 2, 2020

Wheels rolling

Hudson Hornet

How will this team work on this project?

Breathing in and out is a given. After that, how will we work? We could choose to make it up as we go along, work out what works by working through all the things that don’t. We could ignore all our collective experiences and start again from scratch, imagining that the fastest way to build a trusting and performing relationship is to start working together and muddle through until things just click.

Or, we could breathe in and breathe out a few times and the then sit down to talk about how we sit down. To agree our working model for working together. The basics – like when we say we leave at 10:00, does that mean meet in the lobby at 10:00 or wheels rolling at 10:00? The advanced – like, how you hold me accountable?

Skippy strategy: Agree your terms.