January 21, 2024

When feedback is flung back


A team member who fails to meet their commitments, misses their promises, runs a sloppy ship and is weak at communications … and is receptive … needs, at least in the first instance, some loving management (for which read, a blended mix of arm around the shoulder and direct conversations).

Give them the benefit of the doubt, work with them, keep a positive outlook … for a cycle at least. So much, so management.

But … a team member who underperforms AND gets defensive, won’t listen, points fingers and side-steps their responsibility … is a whole other ball of waxing un-lyrical.

When that happens – when coaching doesn’t work, when feedback is flung back, when your positive expectations turn inside out – something has to swing.

And that something is definitive action.

Teams deserve better. In particular, they deserve you doing your job.

Skippy strategy: When the under-performer is under-responsive, it’s time to move them on.