June 25, 2019

When things slip


The thing about projects … they’re a one day at a time kind of deal, just like everything else.

Starting with an end date in mind … you get things done one day at a time, or you don’t. You stay on track one day at a time, or you don’t. You fall behind one day at a time, or you don’t.

Assuming there was any kind of realism in the kick-off plan – that you budgeted the people and tools and scope along a timeline – the date become something to keep an eye on (or you don’t).

When things slip:

– Accept it … breathe in, breathe out, and keep on going.

– Don’t accept it … add more people, use more tools or change the scope.

Either way around, with your eye on the deadline, make slip-decisions with them wide open. Otherwise, who know when or what, and who cares anyway?

Skippy strategy: Manage people, tools and scope.