September 1, 2016

When you know


Hiring people is one of the great challenges of management. When you’ve made the decision to find someone, there’s the finding, then the contracting, then the hiring, the first day, the bedding-in, the road to productivity.

If there’s one lesson, it ain’t easy.

There are speed-bumps and pot-holes on every path. But, tapping their in-built motivation, with a bit of coaching here and some encouragement there, there’s a better than even chance that things will work out.

Unless they don’t.

Sometimes, the motivation isn’t there, the coaching doesn’t work and the encouragement encourages nothing.

Now it’s make or break. Not for them as an employee – that ship has sailed – for you as a manager.

It’s binary, either you deal with them now, or they and everyone else will learn that you won’t deal with them.

What’s worse – an underperforming employee … or manager?

Skippy strategy: When you know, act.