April 15, 2018

Where the whirlpools are


When you take on a new team member, a new partner, a new customer, a new anyone there’s always something of a honeymoon period. Which is handy, because the beginning of things are characterised by false starts, misunderstandings and all kinds of communicative snafus as everyone works out the reality of the new relationship and how to get the best from each other.

There are two ways to make the transition.

The slow way … based on trial and error, when the cock-ups pop up from everywhere and the learning comes for noticing the issue and working things out.

The fast way … with a guide book, where the lessons of the past have been written down and highlighted in hi-beams so everyone knows where the whirlpools are, what to look out for, and has a process for sorting things out.

Skippy strategy: Learn the lessons, and share them.