August 31, 2017

Who need to know


Things move fast sometimes. A call, a change in requirements, finding a route around a road block, a brilliant idea standing in the shower. Then, like any solo journey where roads fork and choices are made without discussion or process, you find yourself in territory that no one else knows about.

The freedom that got you there is a good thing, but being unsupported and alone, not so much.

In organisational life, there are always other people who need to know what you’re up to. Up and down the hierarchy, across the work flow divides. People with commitments, with responsibilities, with interactions – all based on what’s just become yesterday’s news.

You have to keep them in the loop.

Not in the moment, maybe.


But soon. Immediately after the moment. Really soon.

You may think it slows things down. It doesn’t. It helps.

Skippy strategy: Keep them in the loop.