July 16, 2017

Who they are


Whether you’re hiring, inheriting, promoting or coaching your people, there’s often a gap between the the person you’d like them to be and the reality you’re faced with. That’s normal. (Just look in the mirror for a minute, they’re probably thinking the same thing of you).

Sometimes though, it’s a big gap. The question is what are you going to do about it?

Option one – accept them for who they are, get frustrated and irritated, feed the moaning wound until one of you leaves the team.

Option two – accept them for who they are, and get rid of them.

Option three – accept them for who they are, then work with them to find the best use of their talents whilst building their skills as they grow. Eyes wide open, together.

Two is better than one, three better than two.

What makes three worth the effort? Attitude … yours.

Skippy strategy: Attitude, yours.