August 20, 2015

Who to hire?


Growing companies have an absolute requirement for talent.

As you sit there, right now, you probably have a pretty good feel for the kinds of people and skills you’d like to hire over the next six months. “We need a …, and someone to take on …, and if we win that contract we’ll be deep in the red zone if we don’t hire a …”

Good people are hard to find – even in a city full of potential the difficulty is the square of the speed at which you need them. If it’s tomorrow, fuggeddaboudit – the good ones are busy already.

So why wait?

Build a list of possible hires as you go along. Freelance and permies, everyone good.

Open your notebook whenever someone stands out. Mine your team’s back-story for anyone who’s impressed them. Dig around to find the woman behind that website, building, product, campaign, deal you heard about. Who wrote the copy, who wrangled the code, who managed the client?

Take names.

Become a blip on their radar. Make contact as soon as you have a whiff of a hint of a note on the air that there may be something to talk about.

Skippy Strategy: Take a name every time you’re impressed. Build your network when you don’t need it.