December 2, 2016

Who turns away?

Yard arm

Finding and hiring good people is the hardest-greatest thing about management. The process that gets your from deciding to hire to filling the role can be frustrating and sometimes it’s tempting to make soft choices.

What does that look like? Hiring on hope that someone is better than they seem, they’ll grow into the position, their social skills will kick in and they’ll fit the team more easily that you fear, they’ll step up their commitment, they must know what they’re doing – acting against your better judgement.

But you’re not hiring warm bodies. You’re strengthening your game.

The challenge is to find people who have the skills to match the challenge, will fit the team, and are as committed to your outcomes as you are.

The second cut: show them the yard arm and see who turns away.

Skippy strategy: Weaker candidates will qualify out all on their own.