December 30, 2020

Wider miss


You probably have people on your team who, good people as they are, you wouldn’t hire again tomorrow. Maybe the world has moved on and they haven’t updated their skills, maybe their work ethic has slipped, or their demeanour no longer fits, or maybe you’ve just hired stronger and stronger people and they’re dropping further behind the curve. No errors, nothing dramatic, just a wider and wider miss.

The obvious option, is not to make an active choice. Just, kinda sorta continue to make allowances, to find a place for them, to carry on letting them carry on. Hire around them and wait for them to notice they’re being left behind and to do something about it. The other option, tougher yet kinder in the long run … let them know what’s happening, talk choices, and provide support.

Skippy strategy: Let them know what’s happening and give support.