September 21, 2021

With baggage


There are people you know, maybe on your team, who have a utility that is somewhat unique amongst their peers. The perform a task, a job that needs doing, and in that role they add a value that isn’t available elsewhere. At least, not now, with the other people currently available.

Amongst these people, on your team, who come with baggage that isn’t so helpful. They’re not team players, they suck energy from the room, they’re self centred and self serving and none of the others likes working with them.

Amongst these people, at the edge of your team, disbenefits outweigh benefits, yet that utility, their availability, your inertia means they stay and they stay and they stay. And whilst they stay, you can’t find anyone else to play their role. And, leave things long enough, your good team players will leave.

Skippy strategy: Prioritise team players over, well, everything.