September 18, 2021

With your time


If the customer calls, chances are you’ll pick up the phone, answer the email, or agree to the meeting. They’re important. A priority. ‘nuff said.

What about the team member? What happens when they call and want a meeting or need something? Do you prioritise towards them or … they can wait … let me just finish this other thing I need to do my self.

What about the team itself? When there’s a team meeting, with people dialled or travelling in from every place to spend time with you, maybe you’re the one travelling to them, do you give it the minimum time allotted in the schedule, transactionally, or do you allow some wriggle, water-cooler, chat and socialise time?

Or maybe you prioritise that customer call and let the team meeting slide?

If the team is the thing, show it’s the thing, with your time.

Skippy strategy: Prioritise time towards your team.