March 18, 2024

Without the As


Even as the smart and knowledgeable thing that you are, you don’t know everything. Which isn’t a problem because one of the things you do know is to ask questions, to push and poke at a thing, to dig a little deeper and find a solution. All good.

There are however, the problems of two As:

Assumptions – you or your colleagues assume that you know enough about this particular situation already. So you stop (or never start) asking questions, and they stop (or never start) adding their value.

Arrogance – you don’t listen. There are plenty of people all around who know more, can help, are trying to add their value, but come up against your busy-ness and self-reliance as you work things out on your own. Slow and deaf.

Better answers come from team smarts.

Lead with questions, then, erm, listen to the answers.

Skippy strategy: Better smarts without the As.